Serve full-time in the Navy Nuclear Field Nuclear Operations

Work as a nuclear-trained Machinist's Mate, Electrician's Mate or Electronics Technician.

There are now openings for Nuclear Operations professionals in America’s Navy – with no experience necessary to apply.

Industry: Military, Technology, Energy, Nuclear

Type of Service: Full-time (Active Duty)

Type of Position: Enlisted (high school diploma or equivalent required)

About this Job: Nuclear Operations personnel operate, control and maintain the state-of-the-art components that power Navy aircraft carriers and submarines. This involves doing anything from operating nuclear propulsion plant machinery to controlling auxiliary equipment that supports Naval reactors to maintaining the electronic equipment used to send and receive messages, detect enemy planes and ships, and determine target distance.

Nuclear-trained specialties include:

  • Machinist's Mate (MM) – Work on the mechanical side of everything related to propulsion and power-generating systems
  • Electrician's Mate (EM) – Work on the electrical side of everything related to propulsion and power-generating systems
  • Electronics Technician (ET) – Work with the electronic equipment related to maintaining reactor safety and control

Key Opportunities: Positions include opportunities to work both at sea and ashore. Assignments could be aboard a nuclear-powered submarine or a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

  • Responsibilities involve working closely with highly classified, industry-leading technology
  • The American Council on Education (ACE) has verified the extensive nature and unsurpassed quality of the Navy’s nuclear propulsion training program by recommending up to 77 semester hours of college credit for its completion

Qualifications and Requirements: Candidates must satisfy specific criteria to be eligible for employment consideration.

  • U.S. citizenship: Required
  • Education: High school diploma or GED or equivalent, plus successful completion of one year of algebra
  • Gender: Male or female
  • Age: 17 to 24
  • Medical exam: Required
  • Physical fitness test: Required
  • Security clearance: Background check required
  • Service commitment: Minimum of two years of Active Duty

Learn more about a Nuclear Operations career in America’s Navy – including details on specific specialties, responsibilities and training.