Stephanie Kirkpatrick

Deployment is a mission, something that has to get done. That's when you put your serious face on. Duty calls.

As an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Fueler in the United States Navy, Stephanie and her team receive contaminated aircraft fuel and then filter and purify it. This position can be dangerous, because if you maneuver around the aircraft incorrectly, you can potentially be blown right off the ship.

Stephanie’s team wears purple jerseys, which is how they are easily distinguished on the flight deck. They are called the “grapes” and they do everything together.

Part of their responsibility is getting the water and sediment out of the fuel, because if the aircraft goes up high enough, the water can freeze. Stephanie’s team takes this important task very seriously.

“It’s awesome to learn about different customs and cultures and travel the world,” says Stephanie.