Ridley Shetler

Nuclear Engineering is a field that I love, and I feel fortunate to serve a purpose that is greater than myself.

Rate/Rating: E-7/CPO
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Service: 2009 – Present

As one of the first women selected to serve on a submarine, it is apparent that Ridley Shetler is used to striving for and reaching her goals. She grew up being taught that it’s always important to give 110%, and she continues to live her life that way. It is no surprise that at such a young age, Ridley has come so far.

As a Nuclear Engineering student in the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program, Ridley works for a cause that benefits many people. Joining the Navy gave her a sense of purpose that she had not previously experienced. When she joined the Navy, Ridley felt a great deal of motivation to do well because she knew that she was working toward something that would have an impact on many lives.

“The quality of training and experience gained in the Navy is unparalleled and will carry over into any endeavors I choose,” says Ridley, “It gives me a sense of purpose.”