Lynn Rodriguez

My heart still races every time I sit down on the bench to get ready to go in the water.

Growing up, Lynn always knew she wanted to travel the world. She decided to visit the local Navy Recruiter and ended up enlisting right out of high school.

As a Seabee Diver, Lynn Rodriguez is part of a team that does underwater construction. They do demolition, build boat ramps, inspect cables and so much more. It’s one of the more challenging schools within the Navy, but true to her character, Lynn was up for the challenge.

When Lynn prepares for a dive, her nerves subside as soon as she enters the water. Excitement kicks in and her main duty is to get the job done.

Lynn has also been trained as an electrician in the Navy. “It’s intense, challenging and extremely rewarding,” Lynn says about the three-month school.

When off duty, Lynn works hard and enjoys “normal” family life. She also likes going hiking, working out, swimming and spinning. This helps her stay in shape when she’s on duty as well.

“I’m serving my country. All for the red, white and blue,” says Lynn.