Carina Stone

I thought my hopes of joining the Navy were crushed when I got pregnant. I was happy to find out how far from the truth that was.

Rate/Rating: E-5/PO2/IS2
Hometown: Burton, MI
Service: 2008 – Present

After getting pregnant, Carina was happy to find out that she didn’t have to give up on her dreams of joining the Navy. She found out about the Navy Reserve and began to consider it as an option. She knew this meant being away from her son during Boot Camp, training and possibly deployment, but she knew it would have a major positive impact on them in the long run.

As an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy, Carina’s responsibilities are to analyze and interpret data before presenting it to higher-ranking officials. She has recently also taken on mentoring junior Sailors who are new to the unit.

Carina says that the Navy has affected every single aspect of her life. She has become a more responsible, self-motivated person and mother with an interest in pursuing higher education. Throughout her time in the Navy, Carina has developed a huge network of supportive people who help with employment, personal hardship, financial hardship and everyday questions about life.

“I truly believe that if I hadn’t joined the Navy I would still be working a part-time job and struggling to get by. I am thankful every day for my decision.”