Security and independence – and the means to take charge of your own future. Navy benefits amount to far more than a simple paycheck.

Navy Life – It’s What You Make It

It goes with the uniform. Each and every Sailor enjoys numerous benefits – starting with a competitive salary and including outstanding health coverage, extra income for living expenses, world travel and money for advanced education.

Spending time with family and friends. Going shopping. Getting dressed up for a night out. You’ll find there’s ample time for all of that in the Navy. Time when you’re off duty. Time for the everyday things and the “girly stuff.” What you do as a woman in uniform may not be considered typical, but the life you lead at home can be as ordinary as you want.

Life in the Navy opens you up to a whole new world. There’s the thrill of traveling the globe. The unique experience of living aboard a ship or being stationed in interesting places from San Diego to Hawaii to Spain. And there’s access to exciting recreational activities – plus a whole family of fellow Sailors to enjoy it all with.

And keeping up with family and friends is easy. The Navy provides mail services, computers and email access so you can stay in touch when you’re away from home. Considering the exciting places you’ll visit, different people you’ll meet and new skills you’ll learn, you’ll have plenty to share.