How to be at the top of your game Fitness

Given the dynamic nature of military life, the concept of fitness is a focal point in today’s Navy. And one with many dimensions – from getting in and staying in shape to meeting job-specific training standards to being actively involved in sports and athletics.

Consider how dramatically eight weeks of Boot Camp can physically transform an individual. Or the sort of preparation that goes into making Navy SEALs so incredibly capable. Or the fact that Sailors can be found competing in anything from organized boxing on base to national triathlon championships in their free time.

Whether it’s an approach to healthy living, a way you live up to personal and professional challenges or that adrenaline-pumping outlet you need, fitness is part of the culture of America’s Navy. And part of the mindset of Navy men and women everywhere.

Learn more about how fitness can be part of your experience in the Navy:

  • At work – Look into military physical fitness programs and requirements in the Navy
  • At play – Discover the many ways to get active competing in Navy Sports and athletics
  • On a bigger stage – Meet Navy servicemembers who are taking their athletic interests to another level