Like police, a force that serves and protects Law Enforcement & Security

Providing servicemembers with physical protection. Organizing and performing preliminary investigations. Imposing military law and order. Whether executing crime prevention programs or carrying out antiterrorism procedures, the Sailors working in the law enforcement and security field of America’s Navy are trained to deal with any situation. On duty to serve and protect their fellow Enlisted Sailors and Officers.

Job Description

As a security professional in America’s Navy, you’ll be overseeing a force of close to 400,000 Sailors and more than 300 ships – providing security, implementing policy and preserving stability within the Fleet. Your knowledge of the diverse groups that make up the Navy will be paramount, as will your use of the latest tools, technologies and techniques.

No college degree is required to become part of the law enforcement and security community in America’s Navy. But your leadership, attention to detail, and broad range of experience will prepare you for any challenge in the field.

Specific Responsibilities

Act as security head during an Admiral’s visit to your ship. Conduct the investigation of a crime scene. Render antiterrorism measures. Maintain the discipline of your Fleet by enforcing the rules, regulations and guidelines the Navy holds dear.

As a member of the Law Enforcement and Security community, you may:

  • Provide security and physical protection for servicemembers
  • Train fellow Sailors in security and shore patrol duties
  • Serve as a security advisor for your squadron
  • Assist in crowd control and riot prevention
  • Operate military prisons (brigs) on board ships
  • Handle and care for dogs that detect narcotics and explosives

Work Environment

As an Enlisted Sailor working in law enforcement, you will have the chance to work in a number of environments. You could be on board ships or at shore base facilities, working beside the hundreds of Sailors that make up the Navy’s various communities. Your assignments could take you anywhere in the world.

Training & Advancement

The law enforcement training you will receive as a Sailor in this field is extensive. You will learn the basic fundamentals of Navy rules and regulations, as well as law enforcement and security through formal Navy schooling. The on-the-job training you receive is just as comprehensive, offering a large number of shipboard and overseas assignments.

Education Opportunities

Much of the training you will receive in this field may be counted toward semester credit hours for a vocational certificate as well as an associate or a bachelor’s degree.

Pay Range

For those working in law enforcement or security, pay is dependent upon rank or rate and years in service. Like all Enlisted positions, your increase in rate is earned. Promotions depend upon your performance and time in service.


No degree is required to become part of the law enforcement and security community in the Navy.

After the Navy

As a member of this important policing force, you will not only strive to guard Navy personnel and assets, but also improve self-discipline and professionalism. You will have an opportunity to travel the world. Your extraordinary training and day-to-day hands-on experience will transfer directly to any law enforcement agency, preparing you for a future career as a:

  • Police officer
  • Private investigator
  • Detective
  • Corrections officer
  • Bail enforcement agent

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America's Navy. Besides full-time opportunities in Active Duty, part-time Reserve positions are also available in this career area.