Practicing Physicians

The practice of pure medicine

Between the civilian sector and the Navy, there’s so much about medical practice that’s essentially the same. But there are also important differences. Like being able to get away from the business side of medicine, away from the associated distractions, and right to the practice of pure medicine.

As a Navy Physician and Medical Officer, you can practice patient-focused medicine in the highly progressive global network of Navy Health Care. Provide world-class care for servicemembers and their families. Plus have the chance to take part in humanitarian missions worldwide.

And, as if all that wasn’t reward enough, right now you could potentially earn a sign-on bonus ranging from $220,000 to $400,000* depending on your specialty.

*A Navy Medical Recruiter can provide complete details.


There are more than 30 specialties and subspecialties represented in Navy Medicine. Everything from General Practice to Neurosurgery. Dive Medicine to Aerospace Medicine. Find out if your practice area is among these.


Mobile clinics. World-class medical centers. State-of-the-art hospital ships. Navy Physicians utilize the latest tools and technologies in truly unique practice settings. Get a sense of where you’d be serving patients.


Competitive pay, health coverage and secure retirement. Generous vacation time and world travel opportunities. Beyond being able to practice medicine without the usual business costs and concerns – check out the many benefits that are available to Navy Physicians.

Physician Stories


How do I qualify? How long would I be required to serve? If you’re interested in a medical career in America's Navy and are looking for answers to these or any other questions, start by exploring the type of opportunity you seek:

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