Breaking ground behind the scenes Health Care Sciences

Establishing physiological guidelines for deep-sea diving and high g-force combat maneuvers. Developing counter-measures for radiation and chemical poisoning. Or correlating the aerodynamics of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. This is how the men and women of the Health Care Science research community in America’s Navy dedicate their time.

Navy Medical Service Corps Officers who pursue health professions in research find opportunities that are as fulfilling as they are challenging. As a Navy Health Care Scientist, you can specialize in any one of 11 fields, including everything from aerospace physiology to research psychology, environmental health to industrial hygiene and biochemistry to microbiology.

Here, you'll find the resources to encourage progress, the support of dedicated colleagues, and the ability to conduct a host of high-level, well-funded studies. You’ll also find the freedom to step beyond the role of traditional research, where your expert judgment and refined skills have a direct impact on thousands. And one where your behind-the-scenes achievements put you at the forefront of medical science.

Rediscover the excitement and sense of purpose that draws you to the health sciences field.

Health Care Science Research Specialties

Aerospace Experimental Psychology
Aerospace Physiology
Environmental Health
Industrial Hygiene
Medical Technology
Research Physiology
Radiation Health
Research Psychology

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America's Navy. Besides full-time opportunities in Active Duty, part-time Reserve positions are also available in this career area.