To care for all Chaplain Muschinske

In the service, we all look after each other. Sometimes a Sailor or Marine will send someone my way if there seems to be a problem.

One day, the Command Master Chief asked me to check up on a Sailor who was struggling with family and medical matters. The Sailor showed up after a worship service and we talked. At one point in our conversation, I wondered about his faith experience and how it was that he was moved to participate in “church-call.”

“To be perfectly honest, sir,” he replied, “I‘ve never been to church before in my life.” Yet here he was, open to care of self and spirit – and I with the privilege of providing the same.

It doesn't matter if a Sailor or Marine has any experience or interest in worship. My call as a Chaplain is to care for all.

Chaplain Peter Muschinske, U.S. Navy

Peter Muschinske, CDR, CHC, USN

During his time in seminary, Chaplain Muschinske took advantage of the financial benefits of the Navy Chaplain Candidate Program. After graduating, he launched his 13-year career as a Lutheran minister while serving his country part-time as a Chaplain in the Navy Reserve.

Chaplain Muschinske has been married for 19 years and has three children.

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