“I know” Anonymous Chaplain

Sometimes the impact you make on another's life goes beyond words. Like when a young Marine, recently returned from Iraq, came knocking on my office door.

The look on his face spoke volumes. For a few moments, neither of us said a word as his eyes rimmed with tears. I knew exactly where he was coming from because I had been there as well.

“I know,” I said simply.

We embraced as he broke down in my arms. There was no discussion. The fact that I understood was all that he needed. Someone who knew and could offer a shoulder to cry on.

These simple, most touching of moments many times have marked my ministry among these young heroes. And I am honored by them.

Chaplain, U.S. Navy

A Universal Message – and Mission

Regardless of denomination, the job of a Navy Chaplain is to minister to all. To care for all. To be there for all in those moments of need.

Listening. Understanding. Supporting. It’s the essence of a ministry of presence. And this story, though anonymous, could realistically have come from any Chaplain in the Navy Fleet.

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