Serving God, country and those who serve Chaplain & Support

Whatever their backgrounds, beliefs and duties, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have religious needs that must be met. The job of the Religious Ministry Team – made up of Navy Chaplains and Religious Program Specialists – is to be there. Serving the everyday spiritual needs of these exceptional men and women. Guiding them through life’s trials and tribulations. And doing the same for their families back home.

Nowhere is access to religious counsel and services more important. And nowhere are the rewards of ministry more intimate and uplifting. Whether conducting worship ceremonies on a ship at sea or assisting clergy with religious activities on a base, you can impact lives in new and exciting ways.

The Navy offers unique career paths that allow you to showcase your faith, your professionalism and your compassion. Here, explore them. Find out what it means to be a Navy Chaplain. Learn what it’s like to support Navy Chaplains as a Religious Program Specialist. And be sure to read the incredibly inspiring stories that faith leaders in the Navy have shared.

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