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Yes, it is possible to find a job in finance and accounting without paying your dues in a world of cubicles. Imagine a career path that could lead you across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, Hong Kong or Sydney – or across the Atlantic Ocean to Rota, Spain – through the Mediterranean Sea to Alexandria, Egypt – on board one of the most powerful vessels on the planet, with America’s Navy.

Job Description

You could find yourself managing a $2,000,000 payroll. That’s the average two-week payroll for a Navy aircraft carrier, and Sailors in the finance and accounting field make sure that everyone gets paid. They also ensure the ATMs are operating. Others specialize in inventory- and retail sales–tracking software, making sure the ship’s stores are full. Or maintain small retail operations aboard ships such as vending machines and video game machines.

Specific Responsibilities

You could handle the payroll and other accounting data for an entire ship’s crew or specialize in inventory- and retail sales–tracking software. Other duties may include:

  • Preparing payroll
  • Making travel expense payments
  • Conducting cash sales and transactions
  • Performing maintenance of ATMs aboard ships
  • Operating Navy post offices
  • Providing security for registered, certified and special classes of mail
  • Ordering supplies
  • Monitoring stock levels for a ship’s stores
  • Keeping inventory records

Advanced technical and operational training is available in retail management or banking/auditing. The finance and accounting field offers a great opportunity to fine-tune your math and accounting skills, including banking, bookkeeping and auditing.

Work Environment

A finance or accounting job with the Navy is no ordinary entry-level position. These jobs provide experience and hands-on training in small business management, cash handling, retail and marketing, accounting, inventory control, and customer service, all while serving a global force for good on board ships or on Naval bases around the world.

Russell Valdez of Niceville, Florida, joined the U.S. Navy and rose to Petty Officer 2nd Class. “I like how the Navy trains you mentally,” he reflects. “It prepares you to be aware of everything that’s going on around you. And thanks to my Navy training, I’m ready for several careers in finance and accounting.”

Education Opportunities

You get real-world experience. And college credit. Much of the training you receive while carrying out your finance or accounting duties with the Navy qualifies for college credit.


A college degree is not mandatory, but candidates should be reliable, have leadership qualities and be prepared for a high level of responsibility.

After the Navy

What comes next? A career that begins in the Navy can take you quite literally anywhere, including careers like these in civilian or military life:

  • Retail manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting clerk
  • Government service postal clerk
  • Stock control supervisor
  • Storekeeper

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America's Navy. Besides full-time opportunities in Active Duty, part-time Reserve positions are also available in this career area.