With Naval Aviation comes a reputation for excellence Aviation

Among the world’s flying forces, Naval Aviation has a reputation for excellence that is second to none. Here you can pilot some of the world’s most cutting-edge aircraft. Oversee the intricate communications, navigation and weapons systems they carry. Or help ensure the safety and success of the people and equipment involved – from takeoff to landing.

Within the aviation community, there are Naval Pilots and Naval Flight Officers (NFOs). There are members of Flight Operations who work on board and help land the various aircraft and helicopter platforms utilized. And there are skilled Enlisted Sailors and Officers involved in every aspect of Flight Support – from maintenance and storage to launch and recovery.

These men and women, both degreed and non-degreed, take on some of the most challenging and dynamic jobs in America’s Navy today. They are physically and mentally fit professionals who contribute to critical missions across the globe. And with the right training, you could be among them. Pursuing one of many jobs that offer unrivaled expertise in the aviation field.