Advanced missiles and torpedoes are the muscle behind the mission Weapon Systems

They’re liquid-propelled, laser-guided and sophisticated enough to use satellite data to reprogram themselves in-flight. The weapon systems in America’s Navy use some of the most sophisticated missiles and torpedoes on the planet. Whether fired from the surface or under the water, they increase the Navy’s ability to carry out missions safely and effectively.

Tomahawk® Cruise Missile

These long-range, subsonic cruise missiles are launched from surface ships and submarines and used for land attack warfare. They have the ability to carry out missions with high accuracy and minimal risk, and can carry one large warhead or a canister of small bombs that are dispersed over the target.

Size: 20.5 feet long by 8.75-foot wingspan, diameter of 20.4 inches
Propulsion and Speed: Turbofan engine with rocket booster; about 550 mph

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MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo

The MK (or Mark) 48 heavyweight torpedo is used solely by submarines and is employed as the primary anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface ship weapon aboard attack, ballistic missile and guided missile submarines.

The MK 48 is a self-propelled, guided projectile that operates underwater and is designed to detonate on contact with or in proximity to a target. The Mark 48 carries 650 pounds of high explosive, and can sink subs or even large ships.

Size: 19 feet long with 21-inch diameter
Propulsion and Speed: Piston engine w/pump jet; 28+ knots (32+ miles per hour)

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Aegis Weapons System

The Aegis System was designed as a total weapon system from detection to kill. The heart of the system is the AN/SPY-1, an advanced, automatic detect and track, multifunction phased-array radar. This high-powered radar performs search, track and missile guidance functions simultaneously with a track capacity of more than 100 targets.

The computer-based, command-and-decision element is the core of the Aegis combat system, allowing simultaneous operation against a multi-mission threat: anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare.

Aegis Weapon System (AWS) and Aegis Combat System (ACS) modernization efforts will increase cruiser and destroyer capabilities against current and future threats, extend service life and increase interoperability.

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