Transporting and protecting Sailors and ships Helicopters

Whether transporting clean water and relief supplies into an earthquake-ravaged nation, performing medical evacuations to a carrier, moving supplies between a carrier and support ship, or deploying a torpedo against an enemy submarine, helicopters in America’s Navy are put to good use around the clock and around the globe.

Regardless of the mission, each utilizes state-of-the-art computer, sonar, radar and air-to-ground weapon technology.

Seahawk SH-60

The Seahawk is a twin-engine, medium-lift utility or assault helicopter used for:

  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Search and rescue
  • Drug interdiction
  • Anti-ship warfare
  • Cargo lift
  • Special operations

The Seahawk is based aboard cruisers, destroyers, and frigates and deploys sonobuoys (sonic detectors) and torpedoes in an anti-submarine role. It also extends the range of the ship’s radar capabilities.

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Sea Dragon MH-53E

The Sea Dragon is used primarily for airborne mine countermeasures and is capable of towing a variety of mine countermeasures systems. With secondary missions of vertical shipboard delivery and assault support, it is capable of transporting up to 55 troops and can carry a 16-ton payload 50 nautical miles or a 10-ton payload 500 nautical miles.

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